Knitting for a small BJD

I’m Lily and new to the Donahey Family. I am about 6 inches tall.
This is Cupid one of Santa’s reindeer’s.
My person has been knitting for me.
I’m wearing my new knit dress.

Cupid said he likes my dress.

I will soon have a pair of tiny knit socks.

The Hitty’s came over to see the new sock.
Only one is finished at this time.
My person was having a hard time with knitting the second tiny sock.
Cupid wishes he had new socks himself.

Family Reunion

I have been gone for a while but I’m back .
My person took me to her family reunion today.
They were playing bingo and using candy to mark the numbers.
If I had played I would have eaten all the candy.
I guess that’s why my person didn’t let me play.
Corn hole was played outside.
The corn bags made nice cushions for me to sit on.
A classic car was parted at the reunion by a family member. An old Mustang.
Anyone was allowed to have a photo taken standing by it.
Since I’m so small I had photos taken sitting on it.
It looked nice inside.
When I was getting ready to go home I saw this sign.
I’m glad I’m a squirrel .

The Scarf Project

In our town the Scarf Project was started by Toni Kaltenbaugh.
Volunteers work all year knitting or crocheting scarves
and sometimes hats for the project. One day a year in November the
scarves and hats are hung in high traffic areas. Anyone that needs
one can take it for free. This year 1,593 scarves and 268 hats were made.
It was time for my person to help work on the Scarf Project tagging and bagging them.
I went along . I’m sitting among the scarves.
Here I am.
Here are just a small amount of what had been made.
I love going along each year to see this wonderful project in action.

A new cape

It was finally cool enough for me to wear my
new cape outside.
Right away I found a feather bigger than me.
A woolly worm crawling in the grass.
Lots of them are around this Fall.
This is a big rock.
I managed to climb over it.
As I turned to go in the deer was coming for its nightly corn.

Fall decorating

I have been busy the last few days.
I’ve been gathering acorns for Winter supplies.
I’ve been decorating my house for Fall.
Have a barrel full of berries.
Decorated my screen door.
Putting the finishing touches on my door.
I still have a bit more to set up for Fall.
Will show it all when I’m finished.

Small knitting

My person said if I picked out some yarn she’d
do her best to knit me a Winter cape.
I picked out a very thin blue yarn.
It goes nice with my eye color.
She did tell me it might take some time to knit my cape since the yarn is so thin.
Well she has the hood knit already.
Maybe it won’t take her very long after all.

Pepper’s Friend

Pepper rode in ACorn’s seat as she went to the Post Office.
She was so excited.
A package had arrived. It was for her.
Her person helped her open it in the car
Inside the box was a new arrival.
A little friend for Pepper.
Pepper had brought along a dress for the new girl to wear.
It was rather large . The new girl is smaller than Pepper.
Since we were going to be out for the day she had to wear it.
I guess our person will have to get to work on something suitable for her.