Seasoned Senior Fellowship

I know that I’m not a senior.
I did go to a Seasoned Senior luncheon with my person yesterday.
The theme was what are you thankful for.
First I was thankful my person took me.
I met a few people at our table that were excited to meet me.
I walked around and looked at the centerpieces.
I did feel thankful and blessed to have such a good home.
The turkey was a candle holder.
I felt a little sad when turkey and dressing were served for lunch.
Made me think of the turkeys that will be on dinner tables next week.
It was a fun day. We saw a slide show of a members trip to China.
The best part at the end was a candy bar for all of us.

Knitting and crocheting for a tiny bjd……Lily

Lily is not quite 6 inches. Sometimes making clothing for her can be a challenge
These little crochet patterns were purchased from:
Lily is so happy to have a bear outfit.
It makes her happy wearing it while she is carrying her Teddy Bear.
Lily had to have an owl hat with matching dress.
Lily in her mouse outfit.
A ladybug dress. She will be getting a matching hat later.
Poor Lily is so exhausted after trying on her dresses.
She needed to sit in her comfy rocker and hug her teddy.
These outfits are all crocheted. Lily did get a few more dresses knit for her this past week.
A little knit dress and sweater are in the finishing process.
Lily will get a matching hat for this outfit.

Lily’s warm dress

Lily tried on her new dress. She was happy with the leggings that go with it.
The dress fits just needs a bit more work before it’s finished.
As she was sitting on the bench a dog came over to see what was going on.
He seems to be friendly.
Off the two go together to explore the area.

Scarf Project 2019

I helped with the scarf project again this year.
If you look really hard you can see me sitting among some of them.
Many scarves lined the fence for passerby’s to take.
All colors and sizes.
Some had hats . Some had mittens
All scarves to keep many necks warm this Winter.
This one was like being cuddled by a teddy bear.
This hat almost looks like the one I have on.
Another warm hat. I may need one like this for myself.
I better ask my person about knitting one for me.
Bright colored scarves to make one feel warm on cold days.
It was a cold day today but I had fun.
I’m hoping my person makes me a scarf. I don’t have one.

Early morning outside

I was up just before dawn this morning.
I went outside so I could see all these webs with the early morning dew on them.
It was cold but the sight was beautiful.
I tried standing on the branches .
I was a little to heavy and kept falling through the bushes.
Their were so many webs it looked like someone had decorated .
All the bushes looked pretty.
I wonder how many worked the night before to place these webs on every bush.

First snow day

Last night on Donahey maybe a half inch of snow fell.
It is rather cold. With the snow and the cold the Hitty’s are dressed well.
As Gran tells the girls a half inch of snow is not much.
They head off to get their sleds.
The girls are going to get a real surprise when they realize sledding is out.
Dressed for the cold in their long Winter capes they will be warm.
I wonder how long they stay out in the cold.

Friends help

ACorn’s friend Peter hitched the horse up to his cart.
He and friend Gator had a plan to help Acorn.
The Winter supply of nuts ACorn had gathered would take a lot of cracking with his teeth.
Peter and Gator planned to make the cracking of nuts easier.
They would bring home the perfect nut cracker.
The nut cracker was hooked to Peter’s cart.
Off to ACorn’s house they headed.
Acorn’s gives the nut cracker a try.
It works.
That was one good acorn. Now it will be so much easier for me
to eat over the Winter.

My Winter food supply

I stood out on the deck today.
Looking at the trees that are almost bare of leaves.

I started to worry about not having enough food
for myself for Winter.
I scurried across the yard to the tree that still had a few leaves.
Sure enough I found some berries on it.
I stuffed my cheeks and hurried home to stash them.
I found more acorns that I carried home.
The acorns were so big I could only stuff one at a time in my cheeks.
Took many trips across the yard to get these guys home.
I brought the acorn caps home to make some dishes for my kitchen.
After all that running around It felt wonderful to relax in a branch.

Winter Season Birdseed

I needed a hearty breakfast today.
I was going to be working hard.
What could be better than Kodiak flapjacks.
The box was right.
Whole grains do taste better.
After my hearty breakfast I headed off with my people.
We had to go pick up our order of birdseed.
We hope we ordered enough to last the Winter.
Fifteen 25 pound bags of seeds.
Seeds for birds and I’m sure some of my outdoor relatives.
The stack is growing.
The last bag has been loaded.

We then added two boxes of suet.
Now that we are back home who is going to unload this?????
I’m so tired I can’t do it right now.
Maybe it can be unpacked later.