Amelia Thimble plays some music

I have an old piano in my house.
Most of the year it’s home to a family of mice.
They’re very good mice.
They don’t chew anything up .
I bring them food everyday.
The mice clean up after themselves.
They make sure the piano is always tuned.
Tonight is my night to play some songs.

Ted bear has to be told to sit very quietly if he wants to stay .
I do think Ted is enjoying the music.
He couldn’t be sitting more perfectly.
Ted , now that the music is over lets hang the wreath on Santa’s chair.
It’s tradition to hang a wreath on a chair in our house.
When Santa comes on Christmas Eve and is enjoying his milk and cookies
he needs a chair to sit on for a few minutes. His chair is decorated so he knows where he can sit.

Hidden in the snow

As the reindeer played in the snow.
Dancer noticed something black sticking out .
All the deer came over to see what he found.
He had uncovered the head of a sewing machine.
Upon further digging he also found the base.
The deer were so surprised at what they’d uncovered.
Who would toss a sewing machine out in the snow ?
It was in two pieces. Maybe it didn’t work.
The group decided to put it back together .

The machine was rather pretty once it was fixed.
It seemed to work just fine.
It was moved over to the pine tree with a note attached.
The note said:
Happy Holiday if you need a working sewing machine this gift is for you.
from: the Reindeer’s

Amelia as an angel on the tree

As I stood looking at the decorated tree.
I came up with an idea.
I thought it would be fun to be an angel on the tree.
I ran and put on my angel dress with wings.
I climbed up into the tree.
This spot was fine but I wanted to explore other places on the tree.
This spot is a little better.
I’m up kind of high. The floor is a long way down.
Being an angel on the tree was kind of fun
I didn’t like being up so high.
I was afraid of falling .
I saw the cats down below. I knew they would carry me off if I fell.
I decided I would admire the tree from my persons hand.
I could always dress up and be an angel in my own home.

Amelia Thimble's gifts

A wonderful friend sent a box of treasures my way.
I was overwhelmed by everything in the box.
My tree, the red shoes and the sweetest little puppy are but a few of the gifts.
Not only did I receive a black puppy I became owner of a brown and white one .
My chair was in the box.
It’s the best chair to sit in and cuddle two puppies.
All the items around me came out of the box.
I have shoes of every color to go with anything I wear.
A hairbrush and hair clips for my hair. I even have a new wig to change my hair color.
Monkey’s and a doll and a teddy bear too.
In the closet to my right are dresses and hats I received.
Christmas for sure came early for me. It’s the best I’ve ever had.
I feel so blessed and loved to have such a kind wonderful friend in my life.

Lily in her elf outfit

Lily in her elf outfit.
Lily also has a vest to go with her dress.
In Lily’s world when an elf goes out to play reindeer show up.
Rudolph is peeking out from behind the tree to see what’s going on.
You can bet when you see one deer their will be more.
A second deer coming out.
Now their are four of them.
Lily was a little startled when she saw them standing behind her.
When she realized it was Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer everything was fine.
She told them she would soon be decorating the tree . They all said they would help if she needed them.

Day after Thanksgiving

It’s the day after Thanksgiving.
It’s called black Friday and most humans are off shopping sales.
Not my human or me.
I’m looking at books with one of my bears.
This is an interesting book on plants.
I looked through a stack of books with bear.
Then I saw something crawling towards me.
I didn’t know what it was.
I hopped up on books to get away from it.
It’s a little cute turtle.
He’s so friendly.
I put the turtle up on the books to look at it closer.
I just found out it’s ACorn’s turtle.
I will have to take it to ACorn he may be worried.

Amelia and her new clothes

Amelia is on her way to see her new dresses.
The ride on the pig is rather slow.
Amelia slips and slides on piggy’s back.
Shes fearful of falling off.
Finally Amelia arrives.
Checking out her newly knit dress.
She seems pleased .
She looks at the yellow dress.
Then wonders why she has two dresses the same color.
Amelia is very thrilled to see piggy is getting
a new riding blanket knit for him.
Now when she’s on piggy’s back he can go faster and she won’t fall off.