Mischievous Peanut

ACorn takes Peanut to the park. The first thing he does is climb the tree.
ACorn tries to get Peanut to come down.
He sat until it was dark before Peanut came down. Then into the fountain he goes.
Peanut throws a snowball at ACorn making him wet and cold. 

Finally he has had enough and off for home they go.

Christmas Tree Search

Heading out to find the perfect tree.
Just as they find the perfect tree Rudolph comes up behind them tangled in a mess of lights.
Rudolph how did you get tangled in that mess? I was helping  put lights on the tree when they got hooked in my antlers. Can we help you get untangled? Yes please, said Rudolph.
Thanks little friend for untangling me.
Pssst! Not the right tree for you little guy. Keep looking.
The search continues.

ACorns breakfast trip

Our human was heading out to have a quick breakfast. Phew ask me if he could go. Then Rudolph said he would go since pockets are dark inside and he could light it up. Buddy crawled in beside Rudolph to keep him company. Soon all four of us were going. Our Human didn’t know we were hiding in the pocket of her bag. She soon found out when she set her bag down in the restaurant. She told me only I could get out the other three had to stay hidden.

The Polar Bear visits

Last year a Polar Bear followed the Hitty’s home. They learned the bears name was E F Claude. E F was around for about two weeks when he headed back to the far North. Well E F Claude is back for another visit. This time he came to visit ACorn and Buddy. He came with a saddle blanket on his back so ACorn could have a ride . There was even an attached carrying basket for Buddy to ride in. At first ACorn was a little hesitant to hop on. Not Buddy he jumped right in the basket.
When ACorn realized nothing was going to happen to Buddy he hopped on E F’s back too. Off they went through the deep snow. The wind was blowing so hard it was whistling. ACorn was happy the saddle blanket had been made so he could lay down on E F’s back and whisper in his ear as they rode onward.
Soon they reached the bridge where ACorn and Buddy would hop off. ACorn was saying good-bye and thanking E F while Buddy was getting out of the basket.
ACorn and Buddy headed across the bridge as E F Claude turned to head off to the far North. They said they’d see each other again next year.

ACorns Letter

ACorn donned his hat and scarf then bravely made his way through the snow to his mailbox. To his immense delight a letter was waiting for him. He and Buddy hurried back to the house anxious to see who it was from.
The letter was from the Fort Collins Hitty’s Ginger and Faith. The girls were concerned about ACorn having lost his legs last month. He had to let them know he is as good as new again.
He and Buddy raced to the roll top desk for paper to send a return letter right away. ACorn didn’t want the girls to continue to worry about him.

Thank you!

right to left: Gator Gates , ACorn the squirrel, Phew the skunk, and Buddy the dog
right to left Rocky Raccoon, Peanut the squirrel, and Freddy Fox
right to left Henny Hen and Roo Rooster
All the woodens want to thank you the followers for watching our antics.