Apple Butter

Last month ACorn was being very helpful to Miss Hickory. He started out selling his apples for 5 cents. The apples he had left over he took to Miss Hickory to make apple butter.

Apples 5 cents each
Miss Hickory cooking down the apples.
Wheelbarrow full of apples.
ACorn watching closely for the magic to happen.

8 thoughts on “Apple Butter

  1. hmm, well first off this Miss Hickory appears to be a good hearted soul (unlike SOME Miss Hickory’s we know(…your photos are just great!! A Corn is a good guy, hope he gets a big jar of apple butter!! loved seeing his wheelbarrow and all the details.


  2. Miss Hickory is a good hearted soul to ACorn. She took care of him when he first arrived. It pays to be a favorite of hers. He did leave with a pie and two jars of apple butter.


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