ACorns New Sweater

ACorn gets his first hat and sweater from his yarn stash. He is now ready for the snow.

I could be an ornament in the tree.
Do you want a sweater?

12 thoughts on “ACorns New Sweater

  1. ACorn…I had to reset my password! Okay now on to your! ACorn you are a total fashion plate! That new hat and sweater set are the bomb! You could indeed be a Christmas tree ornament, you are that cute But I am sure you would get bored hanging around in that tree. I hope your person is making you a whole wardrobe of cuteness!

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  2. A Corn, you look so special in your new sweater and hat. You just need pants now….or would they just get in the way of your scurring around?


    1. Thank you. I think you know why I have a new sweater and hat. Scurrying to safety when needed from curious cats and barking dogs would be harder to do with pants on.


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