ACorns Letter

ACorn donned his hat and scarf then bravely made his way through the snow to his mailbox. To his immense delight a letter was waiting for him. He and Buddy hurried back to the house anxious to see who it was from.
The letter was from the Fort Collins Hitty’s Ginger and Faith. The girls were concerned about ACorn having lost his legs last month. He had to let them know he is as good as new again.
He and Buddy raced to the roll top desk for paper to send a return letter right away. ACorn didn’t want the girls to continue to worry about him.

4 thoughts on “ACorns Letter

  1. He has had such an active life his poor legs just gave up and fell off. He was only out of commission a couple of days until I could repair him. He is now back to his former self, active life and all.


  2. The Ivy girls are so thoughtful! Acorn is also such a little gentleman…rushing to send them a letter. What a guy. Love that roll top desk with the drawers! And how cute that Buddy the dog is keeping him company. Great pics!

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