Mischievous Peanut

ACorn takes Peanut to the park. The first thing he does is climb the tree.
ACorn tries to get Peanut to come down.
He sat until it was dark before Peanut came down. Then into the fountain he goes.
Peanut throws a snowball at ACorn making him wet and cold. 

Finally he has had enough and off for home they go.

4 thoughts on “Mischievous Peanut

  1. Peanut the brat!! Who would have thought this!! I must say that Hetty Hickory is having a good laugh over Peanut’s antics. she thinks he would make a really good little friend. I will be sure to keep Hetty AWAy from the computer from now on!!!!

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    1. Peanut is cause for ACorn to be on his toes when he is around. You never know what he’ll get into. He would love Hetty and the ideas she could come up with for mischief.


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