Yarn Heaven

A Corn was gifted with a box of yarn. He now has enough yarn to make him sweaters for a year. He just can’t decide which color sweater he wants first. I may have to make the decision for him.

Apple Butter

Last month ACorn was being very helpful to Miss Hickory. He started out selling his apples for 5 cents. The apples he had left over he took to Miss Hickory to make apple butter.

Apples 5 cents each
Miss Hickory cooking down the apples.
Wheelbarrow full of apples.
ACorn watching closely for the magic to happen.

A Corn meets Dasher.

The holidays will be arriving soon. The reindeer are starting to show themselves. A Corn and his faithful dog Buddy met Dasher today.

ACorn, Buddy and Dasher meet. Wow! Look at those antlers.
Hello Dasher. I’m ACorn the squirrel.
Welcome I think we’ll have fun together.