Scarf Project

ACorn went along for the day to see how The Scarf Project worked. All the scarfs set up for The Need A Scarf Take A Scarf Project.
Checking out a yellow scarf for warmth and size.
Checking a green one to see if it’s his size.
Still to big for ACorn.
When the day was over his person knit one that was just right for him.
A happy ACorn with his scarf.

6 thoughts on “Scarf Project

  1. This is the third year this project has been going on in our county. At least a thousand scarfs were given away. I helped work this site. Other sites were going on at the same time. It is a one day 8 hour giveaway. Many different people knit the hats scarves and mittens . ACorn was very happy that he got his very own scarf.


  2. ACorn is a lucky little guy to live with a skilled knitter! That scarf project is awesome! I think I spotted at least 3 scarves I would have been proud to sport! What a great thing for people. And of course A Corn is a fashion plate in his new scarf! I suspect he will be asking for a complete wardrobe of colors!!

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