I went to the chocolate factory to watch the chocolates being made.
I looked in the viewing window.
Hand Made Treats!
I don’t see any treats being made.

I arrived to late in the day .
I went down to the next window. Truffles!
Truffles and more Truffles all on racks. So far away.
So many yummy chocolates in the showcase. It was hard to choose.
I helped buy a basket full for gifts. Yes I bought some for myself too. 
Maybe on my next visit I’ll get to see chocolates being made.

10 thoughts on “Chocolates

    1. Thank you. My person made me a new hat and scarf so I could have choices with my sweater. I can have three different colors to go with it. She has only made me two of those colors so far. Maybe I should remind her.


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