When I got out of bed yesterday it had snowed.
I ran outside to see it. It was cold.
My person said she had things to do. I wasn’t allowed to stay out by myself.
So inside I went.
I did the next best thing. Grabbing a chair I hoped up and watched the birds out the window.
I even saw a squirrel. It wasn’t like me it was black. The squirrel didn’t stay very long.
After a while the birds ate all the food and stopped coming to the feeders. I put my chair away and found Buddy.  We played  fetch together.

6 thoughts on “Snow

  1. hmm, wonder if that squirrel will come back and visit with A corn? he might not speak A Corn’s language. Love the little chair and his view. Stay warm and safe A Corn!

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  2. ACorn has watched the little black squirrel most of the Summer. It comes grabs corn or peanuts and off it scurries. He wanted a real squirrel friend but I don’t think he is going to make a friend of that squirrel.


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