Hibernation Preparedness

Last week ACorn’s person talked about squirrels and hibernation. He learned that he was not a scavenger . He had no provisions stored to get him through the Winter.
Today in the snow he and Buddy went off in search of food supplies.
Buddy sniffs out some acorns. Small but better than nothing.
A bit more digging and they find a huge acorn.

How are we going to get it to the sidewalk?
They try pushing.
They try pulling. Finally it moves.
They find a couple more huge acorns. By now they know rolling them to where you need them is the easiest way to go. Now how do we get them home?
Just then Rudolph shows up out of nowhere. ACorn tells him of their dilemma. Rudolph has an idea.
He remembers seeing a shopping cart buried in the snow. All three of them dig it out.
They load in the acorns. Buddy climbs in to keep them safe. ACorn with Rudolph’s help push the cart of Winter provisions home. Now he’s prepared for hibernation.

6 thoughts on “Hibernation Preparedness

  1. this made me laugh. The buried grocery cart..genius! All of those acorns in the snow. Great story but surely A Corn will not be hibernating all winter?! WE would miss him.

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