Giant Cuckoo Clock

Buddy and I visit the giant cuckoo clock in Sugarcreek Ohio.
When we arrived it had just stuck the half hour. All the carved figures were out. Some were dancing some were playing music.
I jumped on the fence to get a better view.
They’re gone until the next half hour strikes.
I climbed up in the tree to get a closer look.  That’s one good thing about being a tiny squirrel.
I stood by the Sugarcreek arch with Buddy for a photo. 
A closeup photo of us at the arch.
We then headed off  for the next adventure.

2 thoughts on “Giant Cuckoo Clock

  1. what a perfectly amazing thing!!! I would love to see this huge Cuckoo clock. You just wonder how someone would even dream up something like this …much less actually build it. I am so pleased that it has been preserved and restored. The town of Sugar Creek looks to be quite picturesque. A Corn and Buddy do have the best adventures. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. When my boys were young the clock was at a restaurant. It started on the ground floor went up through the ceiling to the second floor and out through the roof. My kids had to go see it each time we visited Ohio. You had to go to the roof to be able to see the figures dance. It was the World’s largest for sure.


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