Poinsettia Making

Yesterday on the Quimper Hittys blog Arianell and Eugenia made poinsettia’s. A tutorial was shared on how to make them. 
ACorn with his side kick Buddy, wanted to give it a try. They gathered the supplies .
They started on their project. ACorn began madly cutting felt.  Pieces were flying everywhere. Felt was stuck on ACorns nose, his  head, his feet . Poor Buddy even had it on him.
ACorn  finally managed to get some petals cut out. Both he and Buddy were excited . Now to refine the petals a little.
A  flower is completed . Buddy is rather impressed.
In the pot goes the first flower. Only two more needed.
Finished flowers with pot wrapped.
Thank you Quimper Hittys.
I love my poinsettia!

8 thoughts on “Poinsettia Making

  1. A Corn did a great job! Their poinsettias are so bright and cheerful! Thanks for mentioning my blog, and I hope lots of little poinsettias are made this winter to brighten up dollhouses and squirrel nests everywhere!


  2. Such a darling post Penny! I especially love the photo with scraps everywhere and A Corn’s smile shining through. Thank you for a lovely start to my day!


  3. What busy little guys. A Corn you are a felt artiste!! very impressive effort! My girls are still working on theirs You have provided more inspiration to them!!

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