ACorns Christmas Card

ACorn receives his first Christmas card. He and Buddy are excited.
Both of them like the snowman sticker on the back of the envelope. 
They open it carefully to save the snowman.
Along with a card there is a letter with hand drawn art work. . ACorn reads the letter as Buddy looks at the art. The card and letter are from his friend Zori.
Zori lives in Missouri. He is a little skunk like Phew.
ACorn reads the greeting in the card as Buddy peeks over the top.  They feel blessed to have received it. 
They want the card up where it can be seen. They know a perfect spot to hang it.
ACorn pulls a chair over. He climbs up on it. Buddy brings the card.
The chair is to low. ACorn can’t reach high enough to put the card up.
Good thing they own a ladder. 
When your a tiny squirrel a ladder is good to have close at hand.
A perfect spot to see the card while having your afternoon cuppa tea.
Thank you Zori!

4 thoughts on “ACorns Christmas Card

  1. Too cute! that A Corn is certainly a resourceful little guy. Zori is very happy that A Corn and Buddy liked the card. He told me that A Corn is his dearest friend.

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