National Pfeffernusse Day

 National Pfeffernusse Day was yesterday.
 Pfeffernusse are cookies made with nuts and spices then covered in powdered sugar.
I have never had Pfeffernusse cookies. I decided I would bake some. I dug out the recipe. Got all the supplies 
together and started making them.
I couldn’t believe the cookies had pepper in them.
All the spices and flour are in the bowl.
I mixed the dry ingredients together. It was pretty hard for me to do.
I climbed up to check if I had added the butter and sugar.
I tossed in the egg. Mixed it well.
Looking good! I did fall in the bowl here but I managed to climb out on my own.
Wrapped and ready for the refrigerator. It had to stay in for a couple of hours.
Rolled in balls.
They’re ready for the oven. I didn’t want any my size. I wanted people size cookies. 
Ready for the white snow to be put on them. 
No really it’s only powdered sugar not snow that goes on them.
Oh look at them. They smell so good. I got a lot of them. Will have one with my tea later today.
Hope you had a wonderful Pfeffernusse Day.

8 thoughts on “National Pfeffernusse Day

  1. What good looking cookies. I am sort of regretting NOT making iced sugar cookies this year. I LOVE iced sugar cookies and therefor if I make them I eat a whole lot of them…sigh…no will power, no discipline just gluttony….sad. So I did not make any thereby avoiding the temptation…but as you can see I am still sort of yearning for them ACorn looked just like a professional baker!!

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