ACorn went out with his person today. He was given a handful of peanuts to keep him entertained. Do you know how much a squirrel likes peanuts? 
ACorn thinks there is no better food .
As he explored the area he found a whole bucket of peanuts. He climbed up to investigate.
He was so happy he jumped in the bucket . He was in squirrel paradise.
He buried himself in those wonderful peanuts.
He ate until his belly was full and his cheeks were bulging. 
Then home he went knowing where he could go any time for more peanuts.

4 thoughts on “Peanuts

  1. ACorn did find a good supply. He was told he could go back any time for more. How lucky he was. Doesn’t have to forage for food next Winter if he wants to live on peanuts only.


  2. ahhhh peanut heaven!!! And to be able to just dive into a bucket of peanuts and munch away! Ahhh bliss!!! Isnt it lovely to have ACorn as a dinner companion?

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