Sweater Day

Today I gave my person a ball of yarn.
I then gave her a crochet hook. I ask if she’d make me a new sweater.
It worked. I have a new sweater.
Then Buddy showed up dressed in pearls. Pearls didn’t fit him so well. 
I ask if he couldn’t have a sweater made for him. 
I saw the yarn ball it had enough yarn left to make him one.
Buddy has a sweater. We match. 
 Buddy will be warm now when we go out.
 He’s a happy dog.

6 thoughts on “Sweater Day

  1. ACorn your person is great!! What a wonderful crocheter she is! hmmm, how many balls of yard to you plan to roll her way??

    p.s. I think it is really cute that you and Buddy have matching sweaters!!

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    1. I was thinking I should I dig through the yarn and find what I like. Maybe every ball I roll her way will be made into a sweater for me. Buddy is very happy with his sweater. He still has it on.


  2. ACorn, hi,,,my name is Hetty Hickory and I live here with those blockhead HIttys. Anyway I tried your trick and rolled a ball of yarn to my person…..what a waste of my time. ! She smiled and rolled it back to me…like it was some kind of game!! I do not play games!! So what is your secret…how did you train your person to do your bidding.

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      1. well heck….heaven knows there is nothing sweet about me so you are saying I might just be flat out of luck in the sweater making department. sigh..I should have known it would be something like that!

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