My person took me out to eat today. She likes taking me places so I can learn new traditions. I was going to have thia food and learn to eat with chopsticks. I even got a pair my size to use.
My person likes to take the napkin wrapper and make me a hat.
She thinks this is cute. Me not so much.
First a salad was brought to the table. The pieces were a bit to big for my chopsticks.
Then an appetizer was next. It was even bigger. The only food I could eat with tiny chopsticks was the rice. I didn’t do so well with it. My person was kind and didn’t take pictures of the mess I made.Maybe I’ll do better next time with chopsticks.
The waitress thought I was cute.
That made my day.


ACorn and Phew were playing and having a good time. Phew spotted a big carved dog coming. He jumped up on the chair to get away from it.
Hurry ACorn! Get up here before the dog catches you..
Phew and ACorn stood on the chair. The dog was sniffing the air still coming for them.
Don’t move Phew it’s sniffing my feet.
Phew it likes me!
He’s friendly Phew come down and meet him.
He’s a good dog.
We were scared for no reason.

Poinsettia Making

Yesterday on the Quimper Hittys blog Arianell and Eugenia made poinsettia’s. A tutorial was shared on how to make them. 
ACorn with his side kick Buddy, wanted to give it a try. They gathered the supplies .
They started on their project. ACorn began madly cutting felt.  Pieces were flying everywhere. Felt was stuck on ACorns nose, his  head, his feet . Poor Buddy even had it on him.
ACorn  finally managed to get some petals cut out. Both he and Buddy were excited . Now to refine the petals a little.
A  flower is completed . Buddy is rather impressed.
In the pot goes the first flower. Only two more needed.
Finished flowers with pot wrapped.
Thank you Quimper Hittys.
I love my poinsettia!

Nautical Interest

Ever since ACorn read this article on the Titanic he has been fascinated with anything nautical.
Ships under glass.
How did they get in there?
A message in a bottle.
What does it say?
A float with shells.
Another with coral and shells under glass.

Then there is this ship Phew and I sailed away on.

Giant Cuckoo Clock

Buddy and I visit the giant cuckoo clock in Sugarcreek Ohio.
When we arrived it had just stuck the half hour. All the carved figures were out. Some were dancing some were playing music.
I jumped on the fence to get a better view.
They’re gone until the next half hour strikes.
I climbed up in the tree to get a closer look.  That’s one good thing about being a tiny squirrel.
I stood by the Sugarcreek arch with Buddy for a photo. 
A closeup photo of us at the arch.
We then headed off  for the next adventure.

Snow Fun

Gator, Phew, Buddy and I decided to go out and play in the snow early this morning.
With Rudolph’s help we rode around on the sleigh.
We played in some deep, cold, wet snow.
It’s almost daylight!

I had to go home and change my sweater. Gator and Phew put on some clothes.
We decided to build a snowman.
Rolling balls for the body.
Building the body.
He’s done!

Hibernation Preparedness

Last week ACorn’s person talked about squirrels and hibernation. He learned that he was not a scavenger . He had no provisions stored to get him through the Winter.
Today in the snow he and Buddy went off in search of food supplies.
Buddy sniffs out some acorns. Small but better than nothing.
A bit more digging and they find a huge acorn.

How are we going to get it to the sidewalk?
They try pushing.
They try pulling. Finally it moves.
They find a couple more huge acorns. By now they know rolling them to where you need them is the easiest way to go. Now how do we get them home?
Just then Rudolph shows up out of nowhere. ACorn tells him of their dilemma. Rudolph has an idea.
He remembers seeing a shopping cart buried in the snow. All three of them dig it out.
They load in the acorns. Buddy climbs in to keep them safe. ACorn with Rudolph’s help push the cart of Winter provisions home. Now he’s prepared for hibernation.

Mailing Holiday Cards

ACorn loads the wagon with his holiday cards .
He tosses in a ladder and Buddy hops in.
He hitches up Rudolph.
Off they head to the letter box
They’ve arrived only to find this box is full. On to the next one.
Out comes the ladder. All letters are put in the box as Rudolph and Buddy watch.
Rudolph suggests they both hop in the wagon for the ride home.
Finished for another year.