When I got out of bed yesterday it had snowed.
I ran outside to see it. It was cold.
My person said she had things to do. I wasn’t allowed to stay out by myself.
So inside I went.
I did the next best thing. Grabbing a chair I hoped up and watched the birds out the window.
I even saw a squirrel. It wasn’t like me it was black. The squirrel didn’t stay very long.
After a while the birds ate all the food and stopped coming to the feeders. I put my chair away and found Buddy.  We played  fetch together.


I went to the chocolate factory to watch the chocolates being made.
I looked in the viewing window.
Hand Made Treats!
I don’t see any treats being made.

I arrived to late in the day .
I went down to the next window. Truffles!
Truffles and more Truffles all on racks. So far away.
So many yummy chocolates in the showcase. It was hard to choose.
I helped buy a basket full for gifts. Yes I bought some for myself too. 
Maybe on my next visit I’ll get to see chocolates being made.

Christmas Lights

My person took me out to see the Christmas lights.
I stood on the car door with the window down . I was a little scared. I thought I might fall out. The lights were so pretty I soon forgot my fear.
So many pretty lights.
Santa sleeping on the moon! How can he sleep on the moon?
Ghost deer! 
My person said its hard to take pictures of me so tiny looking at things in a big world. We saw more lights but she didn’t take anymore pictures.
Until next time.

Visit with Santa

ACorn and friends starting to decorate their home for Christmas.
Santa drops in to see if they’ve been good. All were very surprised by the visit.
They entertain Santa with some Christmas songs.
Santa is very busy at this time of year. He had to leave soon after being entertained by the Little Wooden’s .  ACorn and Boo promised not to be naughty.  They’ll see on Christmas Eve if Santa had them in his Good Book.

Scarf Project

ACorn went along for the day to see how The Scarf Project worked. All the scarfs set up for The Need A Scarf Take A Scarf Project.
Checking out a yellow scarf for warmth and size.
Checking a green one to see if it’s his size.
Still to big for ACorn.
When the day was over his person knit one that was just right for him.
A happy ACorn with his scarf.

Ice Fishing

ACorn decides to go ice fishing taking Buddy with him. He hopes to catch a fish for Gator Gates.  Buddy has the right idea. Stay warm by the fire.
Is anything down there?
ACorn can we go home?
A cold but great day. Gator’s going to love this fish.