Dreamsville U S A

Today I made a stop at the Dennison Railway yard.
I looked at train cars so big they made me look like a speck standing near them.
In years gone by Dennison was a water stop for the trains passing through.
I know you probably can’t see me but I’m standing by the wheel.
Here I am.
During World War II Dennison was a canteen stop for tired weary soldiers . When the trains stopped to fill up with water ladies offered the soldiers sandwiches and something to drink. At that time this town became known as Dreamsville U S A.
Photos from the canteen days.
A sign painted on the side of the railroad station. 
I’m trying to get close so I can see the pictures better. 
You can learn the history of Dreamsville by googling it if you want to.
I have more pictures for another day from my Dennison stop.

4 thoughts on “Dreamsville U S A

  1. Goodness, what a fascinating history. Dreamsville even has a facebook page. It looks like they have all kinds of celebrations during the year. Has ACorn been to the Schoenbrumm village I saw mentioned? Thanks for sharing such an interesting outing.

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