Dreamsville Part II

As I entered the railroad station I spotted this machine. 
It flattens a penny stamping a design on it.
 I had choice’s on what design I wanted. I picked the train engine. 
My person turned the handle then out fell the penny
Like the machine says I created a unique souvenir of my trip.
We didn’t get to tour the museum it was closing 10 minutes after we arrived.
I’m standing in front of the red caboose. I did get to go in it.
Inside the caboose. 
The caboose has enough room for the brakemen to be comfortable in.
It has three desks with chairs and lights, 
It also has a small bathroom a closet and a bed.
It does have a small stove for heat and cooking.
Little black stove.
This is the desk top. Each desk has a window.
The desk tops are big enough to spread papers out on for work.
I think I would be alright living in a caboose as a stowaway.
I ended my trip by standing on the fence railing.
The train behind me is the Polar Express train that runs in December.

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