AAA Visit

I’m off to AAA this morning. Had to get a tour book . Maybe a map or two.
 Looking for new adventures .
They offer lots of travel services. I’m only traveling locally.
I had to get my picture taken standing in the center A,
It’s open and I’m going in to see what information I can pick up.
Hundreds of brochures. Hard to pick travel ideas.
Home with my tour book. Have to read up on what I want to see.
This looks good.
Studying my map so I’ll know how to get to the next adventure.
 Hopefully I will find fun ideas for future trips.
Will only go if the weather is good. 

4 thoughts on “AAA Visit

  1. ACorn…before long you will be able to write your own touring book. I am trying to come up with titles for you….A Squirrels Look At The World, or Travels With ACorn….or Critters On The Go….
    I am looking forward to seeing all the places you visit!

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