Pith Helmet

I decided I needed a Pith Helmet .
 One needs a Pith Helmet when out birding.
My person said it would be hard to find in my size. She would try to crochet one.
Out came the yarn and hook.
This is what she came up with. 
Doesn’t look like a Pith Helmet to me or Gator.
She said not to worry it wasn’t finished.
I climbed up on the table and tried it on.
Buddy thinks it looks like a ladies sun hat.
Gator just shakes his head.
My person takes the hat felts it , tea dyes it to get the color she wants then brings it back.
Looking a little better.
She seals it with fabric Mod Podge to make it waterproof.
She adds a chin strap. I try it on. 
Not bad. It will work.
My person isn’t happy with it. She is working to see if it can be improved.
Will let you now how that goes.

4 thoughts on “Pith Helmet

  1. ACorn, your person is a genius!! That pith helmet is amazing…and i like that your sweater kind of matches it. NOW you really look like an explorer, adventurer! Zori is in awe of you (and maybe just a little bit jealous!)

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