Moon Rock

I found a piece of the moon today.
I haven’t told my person yet. She always tells me what I have isn’t what I say it is.
I found it by the railroad tracks and I know it’s a piece of the moon.
A closer look. 
You can decide for yourself what it is. 
I’m telling you it’s a piece of the moon.

I had my friends come over.
We drank tea and studied the rock with a magnifying glass.
Buddy soon got bored and left.
It was a unanimous  decision. We needed to shelf the rock to protect it for further study by the three of us.

5 thoughts on “Moon Rock

  1. well OBVIOUSLY this is a moon rock!! Your human might not believe you but just ask her…has she ever been to the moon??!! You better lock up your house when you leave….that rock has to be very valuable! Zori just asked e where the closest railroad is.

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  2. ACorn you do need to be kind of careful with your human. they can be pretty sensitive. Mine is easily offended when I make comments on her sewing abilities. hoo boy, one little snicker and she did not talk to me for a week!!
    …your human is gifted with those needles so you do need to keep her happy! And she is the one driving you away to your adventures. Just a word to the wise .

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