A Good Snow

We had a good snow . 
I waited to go sledding at night when everything is magical.
When I took the big sled out the snow sparkled like diamonds in the outdoor lights.
It didn’t take long before I realized the sled was too heavy for me to pull alone.
The snow was falling . The wind was blowing. It was cold.
I took one trip down the hill on the sled. 
 I was done with sledding.

I walked around leaving a trail of footprints behind me.
I knew it wouldn’t be long before they filled in again.
I tried making a snow angel. 
All that did was get me wet and make me colder than before.
The snow was getting deep.
I grabbed my sled and headed home.
I left my boots at the door, hung my hat on the chair.
The best place to be on a cold ,wet, snowy night is in front of a blazing fire in your fireplace. A few favorite books and your best friend Buddy make it even better.

2 thoughts on “A Good Snow

  1. ACorn we totally agree with you! We have so much snow!!! And it is too cold to play out there!! Warm houses are so great. Love the photos of ACorn in the snow AND all cozy in his den!

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