Feeding Deer

I’m heading off to Tractor Supply. Getting corn for the deer.
Bought the corn taking it home.
Deer heading up the hill for feeding time.
I’m watching them come.  Only four tonight.
I’ll stay back in case they think I’m the food.
Eating the corn.
See you later.

7 thoughts on “Feeding Deer

  1. ACorn has fed the deer before. The last time one of them came up and licked him. We were in fear she might chomp on him. This time we had ACorn stand back in my husbands hand.


  2. how delightful…since we have always had large dogs (even tho they are mainly house dogs) the deer have not spent much time close to our house. Also since we live in the country surrounded by fields they probably find plenty of food out there. Enjoyed seeing your herd so close!! ACorn is very brave.

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