Thrift Store Outing

My first outing to the Thrift Store. I had to see everything.
An old ladle!
Nice sign!
 Interesting! Could work for me.
A bench!
How about this?
I fit right in. 
Someone walking by said to me, how cute!
An A for my name!
These are the treasures that went home with me.
I hope I get to go again. 

6 thoughts on “Thrift Store Outing

  1. ACorn seems to be quite a good shopper. I like that collection he has selected. ACorn has more fun then nearly any little wooden guy we know!!! Was really fun seeing him among all the store wares!

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    1. I was very happy when my person invited me to go along.My person at first said I couldn’t go. She thought the store might think I was one of their items for sale. I hope to go again later in the Summer. The store should have more treasures , not many items on the shelves at this time because of the Holiday.


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