Snow and Zoey Grace

ACorn is taking a day off. 
Meet Zoey Grace.
 She is wearing her purple coat so she can go out and enjoy today’s snow.
Only Zoey could like this kind of weather.
Snows getting deeper.
Catching snow in your hand without mittens can make one very cold.
It wasn’t but a few minutes later that Zoey decided she had enough of snow play.

She returned to the house. Changed into her warm wool dress .
 Her plans are to spend the rest of the day reading  .
Maybe she’ll come out again later with mittens and a hat.

9 thoughts on “Snow and Zoey Grace

  1. Zoey Grace is my kind of gal! Love her color choices for her coat and dress. She is beautiful in the snow! (You have an AMAZING view and I love seeing it.) I am glad that A Corn is getting some down time. Hot chocolate and a good book (or pile of books) with a cozy view and comfy chair! Well, I do not think it gets better than that! Big hugs, Penny!

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  2. Zoeys purple coat is so pretty and I love those chickens at the bottom of the dress. We are suppose to get winter mix weather this weekend. I have not had my girls out for awhile love you stories.

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  3. we have the cold temps by Monday suppose to go down about 1. Most snow which is not a lot this winter will not pack together for a snowman.


  4. That is a very stylish coat! And of course when Marie Claire saw the chicken dress she swooned!! Zoey Grace is a veritable fashion plate! I agree that she probably needs some purple mittens for future outings in the snow.

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