National Squirrel Day (Yesterday)

The igloo sat cold and silent in the drifting snow.
ACorn had just found out yesterday was National Squirrel Day.
He was off to confront his person. She had forgotten one of the most important days in a squirrel’s life.
My person made up for missing National Squirrel Day.
I was given  a whole bag and tub of pumpkin seeds.
I just needed to get them back to the igloo.
I enlisted the help of Misha and an extra large wagon.
Peanut came along for the ride.
We did drop a few seeds along the way .
When we reached our destination the ladder was needed. 
I propped it up against the wagon and began filling baskets , barrels and pots full of the seeds.

Peanut and I moved the seeds over to the igloo.
Misha returned the wagon.
I cleaned up all the dropped seeds.
We were exhausted by the time we finished. Peanut and I crawled into the igloo for a long rest. We’re set for the Winter with pumpkin seeds..

4 thoughts on “National Squirrel Day (Yesterday)

  1. Oh my poor ACorn….but it looks like your person came thru and honored your day (and you) even if it was belated! ACorn you are very young but as we persons get older we can become somewhat forgetful. Maybe next year you should circle the day on her desk calendar!! I am very happy that you and Misha are now all set for the winter!

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