Motorcyclist Wall Memorial

Buddy and I are on our way to see the Motorcyclist Wall Memorial in Hopedale Ohio.
We are looking for someones name that has been placed there.
Both of us are very small standing in front of the wall .
We sat on the big granite bike .
I took my bike. It’s just a bike not a motorcycle. Buddy and I are riding double.
We rode all around the wall reading the names on the bricks of all the riders that are no longer with us.
The American Flag and the Ohio Flag fly at the memorial.
I brought along my little flag to honor them. We sat on top of the wall quietly for a while.
At the end we did find the name we were looking for.

6 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Wall Memorial

  1. That is a very interesting memorial….I am glad you found the name you hoped to see. I so enjoyed seeing ACorn on his bike. ACorn has the most interesting adventures.

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