Heinis Cheese Chalet

I’m off on another road trip. Heading to Heini’s Cheese Chalet.
 Home of Bunker Hill Cheese.
 Hope to see cheese being made today.
I saw a few Amish Buggies on the way . Managed to get a picture of this one.
I’m almost at Heini’s.
As I went in the door this is what greeted me. I am standing on the ledge looking even if you can’t see me.
That cow is big!
I was so excited. I was going to see how cheese is made. What a shock for me. 
All shiny stainless steel cheese making vats were empty.
There’s not a worker in sight. I may never get to see how cheese is made.
The trip wasn’t a total loss. I went into the salesroom . 
It was stocked with many different kinds of cheeses. The best part is you can sample most of them. 
Colby and smoked sharp cheddar . Hot pepper cheese, ghost pepper cheese even yogurt cheese’s.
So many different cheeses. I can’t show them all.
I had a favorite of all the samples I tasted. It is this one in the picture.
 Chocolate cheese fudge. I even bought some to take home for later.
I plan to come again. The cheese vats better be full so I can see how it’s made.

6 thoughts on “Heinis Cheese Chalet

  1. ACorn what an adventure even if you did get to see cheese being made. I have eaten some of that fudge cheese…very good! COuld not even tell it was cheese! Thanks for sharing another of your adventures with us. My little wooden girls and Zori are feeling pretty bummed about their LACK of adventures! YOu might inspire us to get out a bit more. Thanks!

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