Cold and Water

I was off today early. I wanted to see if the river was overflowing its banks.
Driving over the bridge with my person. The water is a little high but not bad.
The spill way! The spill way!
 We’re here!
Hurry people lets get out!
I ‘m looking at the spill way. It’s 19 out with a below zero wind chill. I must be nuts.
Icicles are freezing on my whiskers and I’m about to get frostbite.
What is my person thinking. I want back in the car.
A much better view through the windshield with the heat on.
Come on keep backing up!
I’m outta here!
Get me home to my warm fireplace and hot chocolate!

Oh yes! 
Just a couple more houses,
 Home Sweet Home I’m coming.
This cold weather is for penguins not squirrels.

6 thoughts on “Cold and Water

  1. My human told me I shouldn’t act the way I do sometimes. She said if I wasn’t happy with the cold I could go hibernate until Spring. She is working on making me a few more sweaters. I did get a new scarf when I returned home. I was told to remember to wrap it on my neck when leaving the house if it’s cold.


  2. brrr, made us all cold just seeing you on that spillway ACorn! The wooden girls all headed for their chairs with cups of hot tea. Glad you made it home okay We are looking forward to seeing your new wardrobe items.

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