A Package

On my way out for adventures today we made a quick stop at the Post Office.
We were surprised by a package waiting for us .
I sometimes have very little patience . This was one of those times. 
While I was in the car I wanted the box opened.
We after all are going to be away from home all day.
My person said I could open the box. When we looked inside she said I could open one item. Whatever else was inside would wait until I got home.
I spied something right away. I want it open so I can see what it is.
It’s a dog! It’s a nice dog.
Buddy will have a friend. 
No matter how hard I tried to persuade my person to allow me to open more treasures. The answer was wait until I get home. 
I will share the rest of the contents of the box when I get to open them.

3 thoughts on “A Package

  1. Acorn does look dressed for a days outing…all snug and warm and how wonderful that he has a new puppy to come along! I am with ACorn…..I want to open everything up also!!!

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