National Croissant Day

My person crocheted an apron for me.
Yes, it looks funny.
 It’s finished just in time for National Croissant Day.
I pulled out the cookbook , looked up how to make croissants.
Got out the mixer and all my supplies. 
The dough is mixed and needs to rise.
Rolling out the dough. Have to get them cut and in the oven.
Finished and cooling
I baked some other breads while I was at it.
I’m going to enjoy my croissants today. 
Hope you have time to sit down and enjoy one yourself.

5 thoughts on “National Croissant Day

  1. Okay I admit it, I did laugh when I saw you in your apron. That jaunty chef’s hat and the apron just brightened my day! You have also inspired me to mix up a batch of bread dough!! Love all your kitchen accessories!!

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