So Many Buttons

My person asked for my help in dusting off her buttons.
 She has gallon jars full of every kind and color of button. 

It was like looking at a rainbow.
I dusted the tops .
I shined up the glass.
She has a jar of Tiki God buttons that are almost as tall as me.
 Many buttons haven’t been sorted. I asked why , she said she ran out of big glass jars.
She has buttons in small jars and
buttons in boxes.
I was allowed to play in the ones in this box.
So many buttons. Few in my size.
She has boxes of buttons I wasn’t allowed to touch. Even bigger jars of buttons in the attic.
It was fun looking at the colors. I picked out the buttons I liked best.  I hope she gets more jars . I want to help sort the mixed up ones.

6 thoughts on “So Many Buttons

    1. I never started out collecting buttons. I used lots of buttons in my doll making days. When my friends saw how many I used they started giving me their button collections. Word got around and more people gave me collections. I couldn’t use them as fast as I received them. I always played in my mothers button box as a child. I love the colors, designs and feel of buttons. The buttons in my studio are like jars of candy. Beautiful eye candy. I do love my buttons. I think they are wonderful for kids to play in. You can learn your colors, sort and count. So many more things kids can learn from them.
      The jars of buttons in my attic are in those huge jars pretzels used to come in. They don’t make them anymore either. How sad.


    1. Wasn’t it so much fun to play in the buttons. ACorn was in button paradise. I didn’t let him see the collections I have from friends. Some collections mean so much to me I couldn’t bare to sort and separate them.


  1. HOLY COW!! That is a lot of buttons….i am in awe. You could make dozens of button beds!!! and button chairs!! ACorn would love a button bed. The buttons are beautiful…I feel privileged to have seen them.


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