Wilderness Center Wilmot Ohio

I went to the Wilderness Center in Wilmot Ohio.
It has many interesting subjects to learn about.
Today I learned a little about underground Ecosystems .
I saw this tunnel that kids can crawl through.
It has large insects hanging on the inside .
These are some of the insects that live underground.
I’m standing in the tunnel but I’m small.
Some snakes live underground.
Many insects and different kinds of worms live their too
Ants live underground.
You are allowed to interact with the displays as you’re learning. 
These underground homes are on the outside of the kids tunnel.
I took advantage of being able to interact 
as I went inside the animals tunnels.
 I found that this size was a better fit for me.

It looks almost real. It would be awful if it was.
It’s pretty big compared to me. 
It looked as if this critter could pick me up by the 
tail and carry me off.
I have so much more to learn about Ecosystems.
I may need to go to the library for some books.

Two Ohio Snakes

I learned about Red Cornsnakes.
They are non venomous .
I did see one behind glass.
This is Zea. Maybe she thinks I’m dinner.
Zea’s active today. She’s crawling down the back wall.
She’s very pretty.
I don’t know what I think being small and down at her level.
This is Zea’s old skin.  She sheds every few months.
This is Boris. He’s looking at me through the glass.
He’s big but not so scary. An Eastern Ratsnake is good to have around barns and
sheds. They eat mice and rats.
Boris didn’t move the whole time I was looking at him.
Only two snakes today. 
I’ll be back tomorrow showing what else I learned .

A Surprise

I was told earlier in the week to expect a package on Saturday.
The package arrived.
I’m so excited .
What’s in it????
My person cut the tape on the box so I could get it open.
Plastic bags!
That’s what she bought me?
Nothing in here!
Nothing in here either!
What is this? Just a mess of empty plastic bags.
What kind of gift is that?
Wait there’s something still in the box.
Let me push it out. This is not easy .
Unroll the bubble wrap.
Unwrap the tissue paper.
I see something.
It’s a pig!
He’s my size and he’s moving here.

His name is Wee.
Wee wanted to know if his tail was still attached.
I told him it was.
Welcome Wee to Donahey!

Street Views

I went for a ride with my person and her camera.
 When I saw something I thought was picture worthy I’d say PHOTO. 
My person would snap to it and take a picture. 
All the roads around here used to be brick .
We are in downtown Canton Ohio.
 Many beautiful buildings around.
Lots of different artwork is in this area.
We saw just a little of it as we drove through.
The heads on the building are three dimensional.
The orange sculpture is a giraffe.
Canton is the location of the Hall Of Fame.
Lots of the buildings here have football murals painted on them.

This area has a number of huge stone churches.
A closer look so you can see how large these churches are. 
We couldn’t get the whole church in the picture.
Art walks are a Summer event in this area.
One of many metal sculptures around this area. 
The Performing  Arts Center 
is the building in the background.
The painted cars to the right change over time. 
We have seen many different ones here.
The end of pictures for today.

Rock Collecting

A while back two little people came to visit. They had just been to the 
rock store. They brought all their pretty stones. 
I was allowed to touch all those polished stones.
I picked this green as one of my favorites.
 I think rock collecting would be a fun hobby for me .
I went around the house with my person today.
We looked at rocks she had.  We found this one first.
I saw these smooth rocks she had on the coffee table.
She said long ago she picked these from a river. 
The one I’m sitting on is like a chair.
This one has a whale painted on it.
I found this little teeny tiny rock. It’s just my size.
It will be the first rock in my collection.
Looking at all these rocks was fun.
The best rock I found while looking with my person today was this rock….ing chair.
It fits me perfect and I’m taking it home with me.

Ice Cream

 I woke up this morning to 6 inches of fresh white snow.
It was very cold. Made me think of ice cream.
I mentioned ice cream to my person. She thought that sounded good.
Off to the ice cream shop we went.

The humans got hot fudge sundaes.
I said I’ll have one too.
This is so good!
I got ice cream on my sweater. 
My person was smart she brought a change of clothing
and my favorite hat.
After changing I hopped up and looked
 at the picture of an ice cream cone. It looks
delicious. I may have to try one of those on my
next visit.

They have a pretty cool table over there for small humans now.
I had my human take a better picture of the table .
We had finished our sundaes so back out in the cold and home we went.

Library Visit

I visited the library for the first time.
Look at this book I found.
Adventures in the real world that’s what I’m doing.
I bet I’m one of the smartest animals on
the planet. I wonder if I’m in the book.
Phew’s on the cover of this book.
Do you think he knows he’s supposed to
be stinky?
Oh! Phases of the Moon. If I  came
here more often I could learn a lot.
A book on Spring has Sprung.
I know it has.
We have daffodils peeking out of the ground

at our house.
I checked out the display for write a letter month.
I haven’t written any letters. I better do that.
I didn’t have a library card for this library.
I couldn’t check out any books. My person said we’d go again,  

Magical Night

Last night was a magical night.
It was cold. A fog rolled in, it
froze on everything. 

My person took me out at 2 AM so I
could be part of the magic.
The camera couldn’t really capture the beauty
of ice on everything. I saw it for myself.
It froze the green moss making it look
like old paint.
The shrubs were frozen making it possible
for me to sit on them .
The flash from the camera made the colors of
the icy branches vivid and sparkly.
The fountain was starting to freeze.
The driveway froze like it had a million diamonds in it.
The leaves and moss where I’d just saw the daffodils yesterday,
 was beautiful.
I walked up on the deck. It was like diamond dust everywhere.
My person’s fingers had gotten so cold by this time she needed to
go in. 

This morning all the magic has gone. Just the same old everyday
cement driveway and normal old shrubs. 
 I’m so glad I saw the beauty in the ice last night.

Signs of Spring

Snow has melted and the rain has stopped 
allowing me time to go outside and look around. 
I climbed up on the lions head for a good view of
the area.
We have a lot of green moss.
I see signs of Spring pushing through that moss.
Daffodils are coming up.
I climbed down off the lion.
I wanted to get a closer look.
What I found are lots of daffodils pushing
through cold ground and green moss
I had to take advantage of the nice day.
I climbed up in the watering can to
look around. Nothing exciting here.
A closer picture of me in the can.
I was alone inside it. No bugs , no dead leaves,
no left over water just me.
I checked out the fountain.
 Stuck my hand in the water it was COLD.
Went back inside after getting my hand wet.
Signs of Spring may be showing
but it is still really cold out.

Phew’s Arrival

ACorn arrived on Donahey in March of 2016.
He liked living on Donahey but he was lonely.
He longed for a little animal friend.
In April of 2016 this box arrived.
ACorn knew what was in it.
He was excited about getting the box open.
He pulled out the bubble wrapped package.
He started unwrapping the tissue paper.
He then remembered what was inside the tissue paper. 
He ran and got some clothespins.
He wasn’t sure how many he’d need so he
brought extra’s.
When the tissue paper was removed out popped Phew.
ACorn realized Phew didn’t smell bad so off came the clothespins.
Phew and ACorn are still the
 best of friends to this day.