Good Weather for Polar Bears

The Polar Bears arrived on Donahey just as the frigid weather was moving out.
 Snow arrived on the tail end of the weathers cold temperatures.
ACorn took the bears out to see the igloo.
They seem pretty happy in the snow.
This one climbed up on top of the igloo.
He encouraged the second one to come up with him. 
I stood watching in disbelieve .

It didn’t matter what I said to them they weren’t listening.
They finally came down and played in the snow some more.
I wondered if these two ever wear down. 
I was becoming exhausted with their antics.
Finally it looked as though there were running out of energy.
They crawled in the igloo to nap.
I took this opportunity to head back home.
I needed a nap myself.

8 thoughts on “Good Weather for Polar Bears

  1. oh ACorn this might be a case of “you can take the bear out of the wilderness but you can not take the wildnerness (or just plain WILD NESS) out of the bears! Glad they finally settled down and you could get back in the house. The igloo might be the best place for them!

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      1. I suspect this is a wise decision….bears can be rowdy house guests!!! What does Misha think of them?


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