Year of the Pig

I invited Patrick, Misha and Timid over to help celebrate Chinese New Year.
It official starts today with Spring Festival.
Everyone brought over red envelopes with money.
I ask Timid to help me with a special reveal. 
 Misha and Patrick waited in anticipation,
What is that? A pig !
It’s a Pig for Chinese New Year.
This is the year of the pig.
The pig was placed on the rug in the circle of honor . 
We sat down and opened our envelopes.
We are sending each other much good luck and happiness for the New Year.
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. 
May you have Abundant Health,
Happiness and prosperity .

3 thoughts on “Year of the Pig

  1. So colorful…all those little envelopes. The little folk appear to be enjoying themselves. Love the Pig on Wheels!!! Happy Chinese New Year to all.

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