I tried my hand at playing the drum today.
I thought I was playing pretty good. Apparently I wasn’t. 
The dog came over to see what the noise was.
I ignored the dog but he came closer.
I stopped drumming until he moved on.
It didn’t take long for him to leave.
I continued on with my drumming.
It seems the drumming now bothers the cat.
No she hasn’t eaten me she’s just blocked me from view.
She finally went on her way,
I thought I was now free to play my drum for hours.
It just wasn’t so.
The dog that had moved on came back with some reinforcement.
I packed up my drum . I’ll try playing somewhere else.

6 thoughts on “Drumming

  1. As ACorn was moving to a new place to play the dogs followed him. He thought it was smarter to go straight home sit down and read for the rest of the afternoon.


  2. well one look at the faces on those dogs and you can see they are NOT fans of drum solos. Discretion being the better part of valor I am glad that ACorn retired to his lair to read. Also….the cat might be a fan of drumming and wayyy too fond of little drummers….little drummers that might make nice little cat toys!! Have to say this outing made me laugh.

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