Timmy the Squirrel

   Yup another squirrel has arrived.
His name is Timmy.
It’s nice he wore a hat and scarf. The weather is very cold.
Timmy looks a bit overwhelmed.
He took off his hat and scarf
so he would be more comfortable. 
We did our best to make him feel welcome.
The cat even came to greet him.
A cake had been baked for his arrival. 
Sitting at the table we learned a little more about
Timmy. He is going to fit right in with us,

7 thoughts on “Timmy the Squirrel

  1. oh my goodness the new guy is adorable. I even love his name…Timmy!! I am sure he will fit in beautifully. AND we will get to see him on adventures with ACorn!!

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    1. I can understand that fear! And there are always adventures to be had right at home. You do have a home filled with many wonders. Who knows the little ones might even visit the witches or the other inhabitants of various rooms and shelves!!

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