Rainy Day

 A wet muddy day. It rained. Snow melted.
I escaped from my cabin . Went for a ride.
No particular place in mind.
Saw this split log fence through the wet windshield.
 Looked like a good place to scamper on between rain showers. 
Hurry before the rain starts again.
I got up on the fence.
Promptly fell off into the mud.
While on the ground I found a hole in the log.
Looked in to see if something was living in it.
If someone does live in it they weren’t home.
The rain started in earnest again.
My outdoor fun was over for the day.
I got back in the car and we headed home.
It was a dreary wet gray drive .

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. Glad you got to get out for alittle bit and stretch your legs. Always nice to have a warm cozy home to return to at the end of a wet rainy day. i am glad there was nothing living in that knot hole…at least nothing with large teeth!!I

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