Favorite Hat

The hat I’m wearing is my favorite hat.
My person says it’s awfully ratty looking.
When I went to bed last night she threw my hat away.
I saw it at the bottom of the wastebasket.
How am I going to get my hat?
I climbed over the edge and slide down the water bottle.
Now I’m at the bottom. How am I going to get out?
I shouted over and over for help. 
I heard Pippi saying she was coming . 
I needed to wait until she could get up the side of the wastebasket.
 She had picked up the dog leash on the floor
 and wrapped it around her.
She told me to hook it to myself.
I put my hat on my head so I wouldn’t drop it. 
Hooked the leash to me.
Pippi started pulling me up.
Pippi pulled me right up in her arms. 
I turned around and looked .
That was a long way down. 
Thanks to Pippi neither my hat nor 
myself will be thrown out with the trash.
We slid down to the floor and walked home.
Pippi wears her hat all the time only 
she would understand how much my hat means to me. 
I will be forever grateful to her.
I am going to talk to my person.
 I need to make sure she doesn’t throw my
hat away until I don’t want it anymore.