Phew’s Arrival

ACorn arrived on Donahey in March of 2016.
He liked living on Donahey but he was lonely.
He longed for a little animal friend.
In April of 2016 this box arrived.
ACorn knew what was in it.
He was excited about getting the box open.
He pulled out the bubble wrapped package.
He started unwrapping the tissue paper.
He then remembered what was inside the tissue paper. 
He ran and got some clothespins.
He wasn’t sure how many he’d need so he
brought extra’s.
When the tissue paper was removed out popped Phew.
ACorn realized Phew didn’t smell bad so off came the clothespins.
Phew and ACorn are still the
 best of friends to this day.

4 thoughts on “Phew’s Arrival

  1. Oh my…the tiny clothespins!!! I am still chuckling. How nice to learn the beginning of the friendship between Phew and ACorn. I did love how ACorn tunneled into the box to get his friend out of there!

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