Signs of Spring

Snow has melted and the rain has stopped 
allowing me time to go outside and look around. 
I climbed up on the lions head for a good view of
the area.
We have a lot of green moss.
I see signs of Spring pushing through that moss.
Daffodils are coming up.
I climbed down off the lion.
I wanted to get a closer look.
What I found are lots of daffodils pushing
through cold ground and green moss
I had to take advantage of the nice day.
I climbed up in the watering can to
look around. Nothing exciting here.
A closer picture of me in the can.
I was alone inside it. No bugs , no dead leaves,
no left over water just me.
I checked out the fountain.
 Stuck my hand in the water it was COLD.
Went back inside after getting my hand wet.
Signs of Spring may be showing
but it is still really cold out.

3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Your spring is ahead of ours..we are still covered in snow. Lucky that ACorn has such a warm sweater and his favorite hat to wear outside.


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