Magical Night

Last night was a magical night.
It was cold. A fog rolled in, it
froze on everything. 

My person took me out at 2 AM so I
could be part of the magic.
The camera couldn’t really capture the beauty
of ice on everything. I saw it for myself.
It froze the green moss making it look
like old paint.
The shrubs were frozen making it possible
for me to sit on them .
The flash from the camera made the colors of
the icy branches vivid and sparkly.
The fountain was starting to freeze.
The driveway froze like it had a million diamonds in it.
The leaves and moss where I’d just saw the daffodils yesterday,
 was beautiful.
I walked up on the deck. It was like diamond dust everywhere.
My person’s fingers had gotten so cold by this time she needed to
go in. 

This morning all the magic has gone. Just the same old everyday
cement driveway and normal old shrubs. 
 I’m so glad I saw the beauty in the ice last night.

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