Ice Cream

 I woke up this morning to 6 inches of fresh white snow.
It was very cold. Made me think of ice cream.
I mentioned ice cream to my person. She thought that sounded good.
Off to the ice cream shop we went.

The humans got hot fudge sundaes.
I said I’ll have one too.
This is so good!
I got ice cream on my sweater. 
My person was smart she brought a change of clothing
and my favorite hat.
After changing I hopped up and looked
 at the picture of an ice cream cone. It looks
delicious. I may have to try one of those on my
next visit.

They have a pretty cool table over there for small humans now.
I had my human take a better picture of the table .
We had finished our sundaes so back out in the cold and home we went.

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream

  1. I like A Corn’s new “A” sweater…the little table for small humans is very cute, now just one more even tinier, and then Miller’s Creamery will be perfect for sundae-loving squirrels!


  2. Thank you for liking my (A) sweater.That would be wonderful if Miller’s came up with a table my size. I can hope my human could find one and just bring it the next time I go to Miller’s.


  3. A Corn, as always you are a fashion plate…love the new sweater. I have to tell you that ice cream cones are nice but nothing beats a hot fudge sundae (with extra hot fudge!). Glad you got get out and about on a cold winter day.


  4. I didn’t get a new sweater just a clean sweater. My person is working on other knitting right now. Maybe I can ask her to knit me a new one. The hot fudge sundae was yummy.


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