Rock Collecting

A while back two little people came to visit. They had just been to the 
rock store. They brought all their pretty stones. 
I was allowed to touch all those polished stones.
I picked this green as one of my favorites.
 I think rock collecting would be a fun hobby for me .
I went around the house with my person today.
We looked at rocks she had.  We found this one first.
I saw these smooth rocks she had on the coffee table.
She said long ago she picked these from a river. 
The one I’m sitting on is like a chair.
This one has a whale painted on it.
I found this little teeny tiny rock. It’s just my size.
It will be the first rock in my collection.
Looking at all these rocks was fun.
The best rock I found while looking with my person today was this rock….ing chair.
It fits me perfect and I’m taking it home with me.