Street Views

I went for a ride with my person and her camera.
 When I saw something I thought was picture worthy I’d say PHOTO. 
My person would snap to it and take a picture. 
All the roads around here used to be brick .
We are in downtown Canton Ohio.
 Many beautiful buildings around.
Lots of different artwork is in this area.
We saw just a little of it as we drove through.
The heads on the building are three dimensional.
The orange sculpture is a giraffe.
Canton is the location of the Hall Of Fame.
Lots of the buildings here have football murals painted on them.

This area has a number of huge stone churches.
A closer look so you can see how large these churches are. 
We couldn’t get the whole church in the picture.
Art walks are a Summer event in this area.
One of many metal sculptures around this area. 
The Performing  Arts Center 
is the building in the background.
The painted cars to the right change over time. 
We have seen many different ones here.
The end of pictures for today.