Two Ohio Snakes

I learned about Red Cornsnakes.
They are non venomous .
I did see one behind glass.
This is Zea. Maybe she thinks I’m dinner.
Zea’s active today. She’s crawling down the back wall.
She’s very pretty.
I don’t know what I think being small and down at her level.
This is Zea’s old skin.  She sheds every few months.
This is Boris. He’s looking at me through the glass.
He’s big but not so scary. An Eastern Ratsnake is good to have around barns and
sheds. They eat mice and rats.
Boris didn’t move the whole time I was looking at him.
Only two snakes today. 
I’ll be back tomorrow showing what else I learned .

6 thoughts on “Two Ohio Snakes

  1. yes, Acorn looked a little small with those snakes eyeing him….one good gulp and No Acorn!! Glad the glass was nice and thick. The corn snake is quite pretty.

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