Wilderness Center Wilmot Ohio

I went to the Wilderness Center in Wilmot Ohio.
It has many interesting subjects to learn about.
Today I learned a little about underground Ecosystems .
I saw this tunnel that kids can crawl through.
It has large insects hanging on the inside .
These are some of the insects that live underground.
I’m standing in the tunnel but I’m small.
Some snakes live underground.
Many insects and different kinds of worms live their too
Ants live underground.
You are allowed to interact with the displays as you’re learning. 
These underground homes are on the outside of the kids tunnel.
I took advantage of being able to interact 
as I went inside the animals tunnels.
 I found that this size was a better fit for me.

It looks almost real. It would be awful if it was.
It’s pretty big compared to me. 
It looked as if this critter could pick me up by the 
tail and carry me off.
I have so much more to learn about Ecosystems.
I may need to go to the library for some books.

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